Ideas for Writing Better Google Ads(转)

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If you write & test Google ads like I teach, you try a few things, make some improvements, and eventually get to an ad you can’t seem to improve anymore, no matter what you do.

But it’s still possible to achieve the breakthrough you desire. Today, some tips on how to achieve that.

– When you do any kind of split testing, you should start out by testing radically different things, then refine the winners.

So at first you test black vs. white, question vs. statement, bold claim vs. blind curiosity, negative vs. positive, pain vs. pleasure.

– Only after you’ve tested the wildly different options do you then focus on refining words, testing capitalization etc etc.

– One of the most useful things for me is to apply various “filters” to my ads. Each filter forces you to write the ad a different way than you normally would.

Here are some of my favorite filters:

1. Nearly every kind of punctuation mark on your keyboard:

! # – $ , % & ‘ ‘ ” ” / ~ : ; ( )

Every single one of these – or combinations of them – are not only useful but can attract more attention as well. If you decide you’re going to use dashes or quotes in your ad, it’s probably going to cause you to write a different ad than you would have.

Here’s an example of an ad written around dashes:

Popular Ethernet Terms
Complex Words – Simple Definitions
3 Page Guide – Free PDF Download

2. Rhythm: One of my Mastermind Club members told me he got a huge breakthrough writing his ads like Haiku. Haiku is when the first line has 5 syllables, the 2nd line has 7 syllables and the 3rd line has 5. He got a huge increase in Click Thru Rate.

Here’s a Haiku ad:

Anger Management
Smash! Punchbowl is in Pieces
Learn Some Self-Control

Well, he didn’t get his boost because Haiku causes people to click or buy. It’s because being forced to write a 5 syllable headline made him create a headline he wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

3. Write ads that appeal to each of the five senses:
Taste, Touch, Smell, Sound or Vision. This one evokes touch:

The Wildest Massage
The Sensation of Shivers & Tingles
Through Your Skin & Down Your Spine

4. Reference famous people – you obviously have to do it legally and appropriately, but can be very powerful:

Wrinkle Removal Miracle
Skin Transforms in 60 seconds!
(Used by Oprah, Beyonce & Britney)

Note the use of parentheses in this ad, too.

5. Use Metaphors: Vivid word pictures, like this:

Will Your Wedding Be
A Carnival of Utter Confusion,
Or the Happiest day of your life?

6. Some other things you can try: Trial offers, guarantees, no obligation, sign up for something free, pre-qualify with price.

7. Results within a certain amount of time; deadlines, i.e. “Deadline is midnight Thursday 5/17” (deadline dates are *rarely* seen in Google ads but can be highly effective); External certification or credentials, discrediting knock-offs; results in X easy steps.


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